We believe in America

We belive in equality

in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

In the world-wide welcome of Lady Liberty

we are warriors for social justice

We are misfits, rebels, troublemakers

We are special snowflakes

We are a storm


Snowflake makes it easy for you to support lots of good causes with one simple donation. Help offset cuts being made to women’s care and the arts. Fight racial and religious persecution. Protect LGBTQ rights. Support the free press and public education.

The idea for Snowflake came out of a frustration with the direction of our country following the ’16 election. Writing congressional representatives, attending protests, and speaking out are all important actions, but we think it’s vital that we put our money where our mouths are. Lots of great organizations are working every day to keep America on track. If our government won’t devote tax dollars to these causes, it is incumbent upon us to do it ourselves. Snowflake just wants to make that a little easier. You can read a little more about Snowflake's origins from our founder, David Ely.

Your one-time or recurring donation will go to the causes listed below that are helping keep America great.



Your donation will be given to these great causes. Click any of the logos to visit the charity's website.

This list may change over time as we explore other great causes.



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